Amendments in SSS constitution passed on 20/01/2019

Followings are the amendments passed in Special Genreral Meeting of SSS of GICEA held on 20.1.19.
(1) For Clause Vl(e), and Vll(1) on Page 9 & 10.

(1) All members Completing 25 years of active membership will continue to pay Corpus fund charges which is at present Rs. 50 per call.
(2) They will not be paying Fraternity Charges per call which is presently Rs. 100/-
(3) The annual Charges per member shall be applicable., At present these Charges are Rs.90 Per Year per member and for Couple member Rs. 120/-
(4) Incase any member fails to comply with the payment of above said (1) and (3), will not be Treated as “DEFAULTER???. However, the member shall have to pay 12% Simple Interest on the outstanding amount.
(5) If The dues stated in above Clause (4) remain unpaid, the scheme has rights to recover the same from the Fraternity amount as and when payable to the member’s nominee by The Scheme.

(2) For Clause VIII(1)&(2) on Page 11 & 12.

Amendment to read as:
It was decided that a one time amnesty is to be given to the defaulting members if they pay all outstanding with penalty +18% compound interest and obtain a medical certificate from a MD physician from a hospital nominated by the. scheme. The decision of the empowered committee will be final in this regards
The last date for accepting such outstanding amount is 1.8.2019

Social Security Scheme Constitution Book