GICEA- The Gujarat Institute of Civil Engineers and Architects

GICEA established in the year 1947 and now an unique professional organisation. Today GICEA is a premier Institute of Civil Engineers & Architects and functioning as a non-government organisation, registered under charitable trust & society. GICEA has a membership of more than 4300 professionals comprising of civil engineers, architects, builders, developers,town planners, valuers, structural engineers and contractors, either employed or self employed.

Always striving for professional ethics as well as continuing up gradation of technical knowledge of members, GICEA over a period of time has gained a reputation and status where before enacting of a policy frame work regarding a development, the views and opinions of the Institute are earnestly sought by authorities. GICEA has been providing a regular forum to interact and enrich knowledge and experiences in Civil Engineering through its professional activities and also enlightening the society regarding profession through its educational activities & GICEA is also apex body to interact & collaborate with other such Institutes across the state.